July Trophy Winners

Pat Sargison Memorial Shield
Vegetable Trophy
Ray Plumb
Michael Barnsdale
Garden News Shield
Ray Plumb
The Handicraft Cup
Geranium Spoon
Enid Hirst
Ray Plumb
Silver Card
The Domestic Cup
Ray Plumb
Margaret Dugan
The Ernest Chapman Rose Bowl
The Derrick Chapman Trophy
Barbara Vollens
Janet Jarrold
The A & JR Durant Challenge Shield
The Carver Trophy
Arnie Nicholls
Melvyn Hulbert
British Fuchsia Society Spoon
Granger Challenge Trophy M ost points in the Show
Arnie Nicholls
Ray Plumb
British Fuchsia Society Rosette
Junior Section
Arnie Nicholls
Schools Galley Tray
British Fuchsia Society Bronze Medal
Aston Springwood School
Arnie Nicholls
The Society Trophy Most points in Class 1 - 2
Pot Plants
Jason Ward
William Stones Rose Bowl
The Andrew P Walker Trophy Most points in Class 3 - 5
Ray Plumb
Morgan Lockwood
The Society Trophy Most points in Class 6 - 9
The Cacti Tankard
Daniel Reynolds
Ray Plumb
Children's Plaques All 1st Prize Winners
Flower Section
Jason Ward
Garden News Floral Shield
Morgan Lockwood
Keith Rhodes
Charlotte Chatterly
The Doughty Cup
Meg Bird
Sue Pickering
Allyce Nettleship
Society Top Vase Gold Medal
Katy Kay
Barbara Vollens
The Doughty Cup
Sue Pickering


September Trophy Winners

Chrysanthemum Section
Vegetable Section
The Society Open Championship
The Dinnington Master Gardener Trophy
Mr P Marsh/Robert Watts
Mr J P Burke
Chrysanthemum Bronze Medal
The Joe Cash Memorial Trophy
Mr P Marsh
Mr D Ward
Dahlia Section
The Mayor's Millennium Trophy
The Oscroft Rose Bowl
Mr M Barnsdale
Mr J Lambert
The National Vegetable Society Medal
The National Dahlia Society Bronze Medal
Mr J Burke
Mr J Lambert
The Society Top Tray
Pelargonium Section
1st - Mr M Barnsdale
The W & JP Sargison Trophy
2nd - Mr D Ward
Mrs M Hudson
3rd - Mr K Rhodes
The Sid Sargison Trophy
Photographic Section
Mrs C Jones
The Alec Beck Trophy
Fuchsia Section
Mrs M Dutton
The P.J. Chilton Goblet
The Royal Horticultural Banksian Medal
Mrs M Bevington
Exhibitor with most prize money
The Fuchsia Bronze Medal
Mrs M Hudson
Mrs M Bevington
The President's Cup
The Fuchsia Rosette
Best Exhibit in the Show
Mrs M Bevington
Mr J Burke
The Fuchsia Spoon
Cook Of The Year
Mrs M Hudson
Mr D Wilks
Pot Plant Section
Junior Section
The R.A. Banham Memorial Trophy
C H Downing Cup
Mrs M Hudson
Master Thomas Dagg
Domestic Section  
The A & MK Knowles Trophy
Mrs M Dugan
Floral Section  
The William Stones Rose Bowl
Mrs B Vollans